Eurosceptic Wilders disappointed over predicted loss of seats

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Eurosceptic Wilders disappointed over predicted loss of seats

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It was supposed to be a celebration, instead for Geert Wilders it was the pain of defeat as he met with his supporters.

His Eurosceptic PVV party had been predicted to top the poll in the Netherlands. It didn’t just stumble but crashed and is projected to come in fourth with just 12.2 percent of the vote.

The Party for Freedom leader blamed the low turnout of around 35 percent claiming that by staying away voters showed their disinterest in the European Union.

“Friends thank you very much for the applause. I can only say to you we fought like lions. And honestly the exit polls are disappointing. We should not make this complicated. The results, though still exit polls, are disappointing. As it looks at the moment we will go from five to three seats. And as members of the PVV party I would say we are good sports and I want to congratulate the winners of this election.”

Analysts point to controversial comments Geert Wilders made about Moroccan immigrants as a reason behind his party’s performance.

The Netherlands is the only country to have conducted exit polls ahead of Sunday night when all the results from the bloc will be announced.