Animation legend Postman Pat delivers a silver screen makeover

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Animation legend Postman Pat delivers a silver screen makeover

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"Postman Pat", the star of the long-running children’s TV show, is finally making his big screen debut.

The original stop-motion animation was launched in Britain in 1981 and is a fixture on children’s programmes to this day.

British actor Stephen Mangan, the voice of the iconic postman, said: “The thing about Pat is he’s quite a centered, a lovely, nice, warm, gentle kind of guy, so there’s not a lot of throwing yourself around the [recording] booth, only for some of the more action-y sequences – when he’s being chased, or fired at by the evil robots.”

Pat’s salary is slashed after his employers launch a line of mail delivery robots, so he decides to enter a TV talent show to raise money so he can take his wife on holiday.

It turns out Pat is not only a great postman but a pretty decent singer too. The vocals are provided by Boyzone frontman Ronan Keating.

“The message is to slow down,” said Keating. “Everyone wants everything, we want the world, we want to eat it. It’s crazy. Whereas Postman Pat kind of brings us back to what’s real – family, friendship, keeping our feet on the ground. It’s a really wonderful message.”

The film has opened to mixed reviews. While some are convinced "kids are going to love it, even if adults might find it sacrilegious in its treatment of their beloved childhood favourite", others say it "will more likely scare four-year-olds than make them chuckle".

‘Postman Pat: The Movie’ is on worldwide release.

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