European elections voting starts in Britain and the Netherlands

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European elections voting starts in Britain and the Netherlands

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Britain and the Netherlands have got the ball rolling in a four-day election marathon across the European Union.

Between now and Sunday, citizens of all 28 member states will have the chance to cast their ballots, electing 751 members of the European Parliament.

It is far from sure how many will do so. Traditionally, many voters find other things to do than pick their MEPs.

Protest parties tend to score best on the kind of low turnout widely expected.

That is good news for Geert Wilders and his Dutch far-right Freedom Party and for Britain’s big eurosceptic party UKIP, led by former commodities trader Nigel Farage, who is more than confident of adding to the nine seats already held by UKIP in the European Parliament.

Local council polls are also underway in parts of Britain where Prime Minister David Cameron has cast his ballot today.

Next year his Conservatives will be battling a general election. If they win, he’s pledged a referendum on whether Britain should leave the European Union.

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