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Controversy in Cannes as the film 'The Search' is booed and cheered


Controversy in Cannes as the film 'The Search' is booed and cheered

Actress Sharon Stone brought her brand of glamour to Cannes on Wednesday, but apart from the expected red carpet-full of stars there was also a touch of controversy.

When French Director Michel Hazanavicius’s film ‘The Search’ was screened it was greeted with both boos and cheers.

The subject is the second Chechen war and is as different from his previous offering, “The Artist” as you can get – much to the annoyance of some of his critics and fans.

Michel Hazanavicius defended his work saying: “What drove me to make this film was very different from what made me create The Artist. It may be completely incoherent and the films might not have anything to do with each other but that’s me and its the way I am. Pressure might come today but until now it was fine.”

It is a hard-hitting serious film which tells the story of lives torn apart by war from the point of view of a small boy and a Russian conscript.

It is not for the faint hearted.

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