World Cup: driving down memory lane

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World Cup: driving down memory lane

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As some 600,000 fans get ready to travel to Brazil for the World Cup, two Brazilians are making plans to leave the country and relive a World Cup experience from 44 years ago.

In 1970 Ivan Charoux and Rafael Sawaya made a very special road trip from Brazil to Mexico City in a Volkswagon Beetle with the sole goal of seeing their national heroes, including Pele, on the World Cup stage.

Sawaya said: “Actually we bought this car in the morning. It was in very good condition, it wasn’t new, but it was in very good condition. And as we had already followed Brazil to Paraguay for a qualification game and to Rio de Janeiro for another qualification game, it didn’t seem so far.

‘‘When we saw the car there in such good condition we said to ourselves, let’s take the car to Mexico, we both said it at the same time.”

Back then it took the pair, now aged 70 and 68, some 22 days to get from Brazil to Mexico City.

Their original 1962 VW Beetle has been replaced by one six years younger and due to popular demand they will document their journey by making a film.

And this time, instead of driving towards the World Cup, the pair are driving away from it and down memory lane.