Dardennes strike Cannes gold with "Two days, one night"

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Dardennes strike Cannes gold with "Two days, one night"

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All bets are off for the best actress prize at Cannes after the Dardenne brothers took to the red carpet with their stars for their new film, “Two days, one night” about a mother who tries to persuade her co-workers to forgo their bonuses so she can keep her job and family home.

It is a tour de force for Marion Cotillard, who has stunned the critics with an atypical, mould-breaking performance.

The Dardennes are Cannes favourites and the Belgian pair have a chance to win an unprecedented third top prize with this tale of how precarious being lower middle-class is, just one slip from poverty. Yet they describe it as a feel-good film, and very different from previous attempts.

“There’s no routine in what we do. Every time we make a new film it’s new, so we are nervous…In fact, if there are no nerves, it’s no good, it’s not Cannes,” laughs Jean-Pierre Dardenne.

“Two days, one night” poses an essential moral question and explores that much bandied-about word, “solidarity”, and what it really means. As it does it reveals the importance of personal contact with co-workers in the workplace; in this zero-hours age, it’s something worth remembering.

“The Dardenne brothers have once again delivered, just like nearly every time, a great movie. They are in the official competition, and justifiably so, but it’s their actress Marion Cotillard who has surprised everyone; her performance is transformative, and along with Julianne Moore is the most serious contender for the best actress prize on this year’s Cannes red carpet,” says euronews’ Fred Ponsard.