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'Mamma Mia' - the Hungarian way

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'Mamma Mia' - the Hungarian way

Hungary is launching its very own version of best-selling musical ‘Mamma Mia’, inspired by Abba’s famous 1975 hit.

The show is taking shape in the capital Budapest under the direction of Tamas Szirtes from the popular Madach Theatre.

“The non-replica version means that you can only use the script and the music, but you cannot use any element of the previous production, so we have to differ from all previous productions. So we do our direction, choreography, and every stage element will be totally new and, of course, in Hungarian,” says Madach Theatre director Tamas Szirtes.

Expectations are high and tickets for the first 30 shows are already sold out. The Madach Theatre has excelled in musical performances in the past. It was the first theatre to be given permission by Andrew Lloyd Webber himself to put on a non-replica version of his ‘Phantom of the Opera’.

“Mamma Mia is a fabulous play, it’s full with the joy of life and it speaks about the second chance in life and about the power of love. So if you sit in the auditorium you begin to smile from the first moment till the last one, so it gives hope and happiness to the people,” says Szirtes.

‘Mamma Mia’, the Hungarian version, opens at Budapest’s Madach Theatre in September.

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