More violence in Libya causes further political turmoil

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More violence in Libya causes further political turmoil

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Gunfire and explosions were heard late into Sunday night on the road to Libya’s Tripoli airport after an earlier attack on the country’s parliament.

Heavily-armed gunmen had stormed the building claiming loyalty to a renegade army general who has vowed to purge the country of Islamist militants.

Two people were killed and another 60 were injured in the assault . Later there were more clashes between rival militias in the worst violence in the city since the ousting of Muammar Gaddafi.

Libya’s Justice Minister Salah Al-Marghani has condemned the violence.

“The government strongly condemns the expression of political opinion through the use of armed force from all parties, and it calls for an immediate end to the use of military arsenals,” he said.

Retired General Khalifa Haftar claims to have planned the parliamentary attack. He wants Libya’s lawmakers to hand over power to a body drawing up a new constitution.

His fighters have also clashed with Islamists and rival militias in Benghazi. Early on Monday morning there were reports of an attack on a military air base in the city.

Despite the violence, Libya’s government insists it remains in control of the country.