Ukraine: presidential vote crucial in resolving crisis

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Ukraine: presidential vote crucial in resolving crisis

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The German Foreign Minister has said Ukraine’s presidential vote will play a decisive role in resolving the country’s “dangerous and threatening” situation.

Frank-Walter Steinmeier hopes this week’s talks between politicians and civil groups will help disarm separatists and improve the mood for the elections.:
“I hope that under these conditions it is possible to bring back occupied buildings and eventually to disarm illegal groups and to restore the power of the Ukrainian government,” said Steinmeier, who met Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk at Kyiv Airport before travelling onto the Black Sea city of Odessa.

“The key for a stabilisation of the situation in Eastern Ukraine is not in Kyiv, it’s in Moscow. When they [in Moscow] stop supporting separatists and terrorists the situation will quickly improve,” said Yatsenyuck.

Kyiv has not specified which groups will join this week’s round table talks, but acting President Olexander Turchynov has said “terrorists” would not be included in the discussions

Moscow said the talks cannot succeed without direct dialogue between Kyiv and the separatists.