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Nigeria: US aircraft help in search for kidnapped schoolgirls


Nigeria: US aircraft help in search for kidnapped schoolgirls

The United States has sent surveillance aircraft to help in the search for more than 200 abducted schoolgirls.

The teenagers were taken by Islamist insurgents from their school in Nigeria last month.

US teams on the ground are digging in on the search alongside international partners and allies.

The mother of one of the girls watched a video issued by militant group Boko Haram who kidnapped the teenagers.

She spotted her daughter amongst the group sitting on the ground.

It is not yet known where the video was filmed.

Top French personalities meanwhile have gathered near the Eiffel Tower in Paris to support the global movement calling for the return of the girls.

Two former French first ladies joined actresses, models and writers in the French capital’s Trocadero Square and held up banners that read “#BringBackOurGirls”

The Nigerian President will be in Paris this weekend to attend a summit to discuss security between his country and its neighbours.


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