Space capsule snapped up at Brussels auction

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Space capsule snapped up at Brussels auction

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A Soviet-era space capsule has fetched one million euros at an auction in Belgium.

The Vozvrashchayemyi Apparat (VA) capsule made two successful voyages to space – in 1977 and the following year.

The capsule could carry up to three crew members, but was unmanned on both of its missions.

An unidentified bidder bought the capsule, which included various navigation equipment.

Two historic Sokol-KV2 spacesuits were also sold, bought by the same bidder.

One worn by British-American astronaut Colin Michael Foale sold for 55,000 euros.

The other, worn by Russian cosmonaut Alexander Kaleri, sold for 50,000 euros.

The space collection was auctioned at the newly opened Lempertz auction house in Brussels.