Ukrainian parliament votes on national security issues

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Ukrainian parliament votes on national security issues

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The Ukrainian parliament has held a closed-doors session to discuss the country’s security issues.

MPs voted to expel the Communist Party because of their calls for separatism in Ukraine.

A second bill was approved which withdraws immunity for any MP who has contributed to the breakup of the country.

Speaking about a government proposal to hold a public vote on the future of the country, the Acting Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Andriy Senchenko said “MPs don’t support putting it to the people because it should take place in a peaceful situation and not at gun point”.

The head of the Ukrainian Security Service, Valentin Nalyvaichenko, who also took part in the parliament session, has said Kyiv won’t start a military campaign in the east and south of the country.

He said: “Every measure has been carried out with ​caution in order to prevent civilian casualties. Over the last number of days around 30 heavily armed pro-Russian militants have been killed and the groups they were part of near Slovyansk were broken up. It must be noted that Ukrainian military units didn’t enter the cities of Slovyansk and Kramatorsk”.

Despite Kyiv’s decision not to have any public vote before the May 25th elections, pro-Russian separatists are still set to hold an unofficial referendum in the Donetsk Region on May 11th.