Rio increase police presence ahead of World Cup

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Rio increase police presence ahead of World Cup

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Some 2 000 extra police officers have been deployed onto the streets of Rio de Janeiro after Brazilian officials decided to implement part of a World Cup security plan early.

The decision to add more police came as a result of increased assaults in Rio which will host several matches including one quarter-final and the final.

Brazilian Sports minister Aldo Rebelo believes some Brazilian’s think they can get away with anything and alluded to a recent incident in Recife where a supporter was killed when he was struck in the head by a toilet bowl hurled from a rival group of fans.

He said: “I think this feeling of impunity, which is not just in soccer, leads to, that in soccer, a criminal can take a toilet and throw it at other fans. I think that this environment in the country needs to stop; not just in soccer, but in everything.”

Whilst the world’s eyes slowly turn to the world cup hosts – reports have emerged that muggings are on the rise in the area around the Marcana stadium while in recent weeks fire fights between police and gangs in the so-called ‘pacified’ slums have been rife.