Hundreds of families occupy land near Sao Paulo World Cup stadium

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Hundreds of families occupy land near Sao Paulo World Cup stadium

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The Arena Corinthians in Sao Paulo will host the opening World Cup match next month when Brazil faces off with Croatia.

But just four kilometers away, hundreds of families from the Landless Workers Movement (MTST) occupy a patch of land. The group claims that money pumped into the neighbourhood has failed to consider those that perhaps need it most: the local people.

“With more than a billion spent on the stadium close to us here, the lasting legacy for this population is one of eviction and higher rents, a legacy of making it difficult to secure your own house,” said MTST representative, Josue Augusto.

Many people in the movement say building the new stadium has driven real estate price speculation. Rents have increased, and that has forced low-income families out.

While Sao Paulo struggles to fill its hotel rooms for the World Cup, these families say they are not leaving the camp anytime soon.