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'Bad Neighbours' - pray you don't live next door


'Bad Neighbours' - pray you don't live next door

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New Zac Efron vehicle 'Bad Neighbours' has been premiered in Los Angeles. It is a comedy about a bunch of freshers and the young family living next door to their frat house.

Efron says the film is not that far from the truth: “We show pretty crazy parts of the fraternity lifestyle. It’s sort of a tried and true tradition in the US and has been for years. A lot of great people have come from the fraternity system. It’s like a brotherhood and there’s an initiation and it’s a lot of fun, a lot of partying, but ultimately it’s friends sticking together and sort of breaking you down to build you up. There’s a lot of good stuff that comes along with it. We show some of the gnarlier stuff.”

By “gnarlier stuff” perhaps Efron is referring to the revenge campaign launched by the students when their neighbours, who have a new baby, complain to the police about their frat boy’s rowdy all-night parties.

Reviews have been mixed, but most seem to agree that gross-out though the film is, it also delivers the laughs.

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