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Latvia warms up for Eurovision with a foreigner

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Latvia warms up for Eurovision with a foreigner

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Latvia has chosen its Eurovision entry for this year, a band called ‘Arzemnieki’.

Their song is called ‘Cake to Bake’ and the leader of the band is a household name in Latvia, thanks to a YouTube hit song about saying goodbye to the Lat and hello to the euro.

Aarzemnieki’s Jöran Steinhauer said: “I am not Latvian and I’m not a native speaker. I’m a foreigner which is also our band’s name ‘Arzemnieki’ which means foreigners, but Latvia still became part of my heart and of my life. I think this is kind of a voluntary choice to decide who you represent.”

Like all the other participants, the band is keen to win in Copenhagen. Steinhauer said: “I’d be happy if we could win. If our spark of joy jumped over to the people, because we don’t have any expectations except singing okay and to give people in the audience a good time.”

The first semi-final will be on May 6 and the final will be held on May 10.

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