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Jared Leto tours with '30 Seconds to Mars' but without his filthy Oscar

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Jared Leto tours with '30 Seconds to Mars' but without his filthy Oscar

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Jared Leto and his band '30 Seconds to Mars' are touring to promote their album ‘Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams’.

Leto’s profile got a huge boost when he won Best Supporting Actor at the Oscars earlier this year but doesn’t take it too seriously.

“I did damage my Oscar twice,” he said. “Well I damaged it. But then I came home and saw it had another nick on it. So it looks like someone else had fun with it too. I don’t know who. My Oscar is a filthy mess. Everybody was pawing that thing. I kind of was just passing it around at parties. A couple of times I lost sight of it and I thought, you know, if it goes away, it’s not meant to be mine.”

Leto’s Oscar winning performance in ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ introduced him to a new legion of fans, but he says he is always worked in many creative disciplines: “You know, I got into this crazy business because I was interested in being a filmmaker and director. I was in school – art school – studying to be a painter. And then I switched my major to film making and dropped out to pursue acting because I thought it would help me get a job as a director. And the whole time I was making music, and still making art and music and film.”

He has even made a film about his experiences in the music business: “Although we had sold millions of records, we were millions of dollars in debt. We started to look into it and we found out that we had this really convoluted record contract. That contract was going to keep us in debt terminally. So we started to fight. And the record company responded by suing us for $30 million. So we battled for a couple of years. We filmed everything. And we made a documentary about it called ‘Artifact.’ And it’s out now.”

The ’30 Seconds to Mars’ world tour continues until September, and the film ‘Artifact’ will also be screened in cities along the way.

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