Ukraine: regional governor's office stormed

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Ukraine: regional governor's office stormed

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In the east of Ukraine, the regional governor’s headquarters in Luhansk has been stormed by pro-Russian separatists.

It happened on the day the self-declared mayor of Slovyansk said he would discuss the release of detained European military observers, but only if the EU drops sanctions against rebel leaders.

Near the administrative building in Slovyansk, local residents are divided about the continued occupation.

“I am, without a doubt, for a unified Ukraine,” said local man Denil. “Honestly, I am fed up with with everything that’s happening: the trade has stopped, people are afraid to walk on the streets, to generally go out. The majority of stores are not open. I would like everything to calm down, but I would not like to to to Russia. It would not be any better there,” he said.

Sergey refered to separatists in Slovyansk when he said: “I absolutely support them. Having listened to what they are saying in Kyiv right now, I support even the secession (from Ukraine) so they won’t even be here. When they call you a terrorist or a bandit every day, I am already fed up.”

Pro-Russian forces have taken control of Slovyansk, they occupy buildings in Donetsk and now have stormed the governor’s building in Luhansk.

In Ukraine’s second-biggest city Kharkiv they have not been able to get a foothold.

The mayor of Kharkiv was shot in the back and seriously wounded on Monday.

Hennadiy Kernes was flown to Israel for treatment. He is in a Haifa Hospital recovering after emergency surgery.