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Tours, releases, hits and more...

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Tours, releases, hits and more...

Ricky Martin’s latest release is Vida, and was the winning entry in the Sony Global Music Contest for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. He said: “In order for us to reach masses of people we have to create an amazing song and amazing production and what am I expecting? I try not to expect much but I know it’s going to be a healing tool for the world. People will listen to this song and feel good about themselves!”

The video was filmed in Rio de Janeiro, and will be featured on the “One Love, One Rhythm” official World Cup album.

ZZ Ward has released a new music video to promote her single “Last Love Song” and will be busy this summer, appearing at festivals including Bonnaroo, Summerfest and Bunbury as well as supporting Eric Clapton. She said: “It’s really exciting. You know my parents are almost Clapton groupies and they’re coming to every show because it’s Eric Clapton! Well they’re coming for me too, but I mean if I was going on tour with Drake, they’d be asking who is that? But the fact that I’m going on tour with Eric Clapton means they will be there for every show!’ They’ve booked their plane tickets. I’m very excited. He’s such a legend and I never ever thought that I would be playing with him!”

Legendary rockers Led Zeppelin are re-releasing nine of their studio albums, and including previously unreleased material like a new version of their hit “Whole Lotta Love.”

The band split up in 1980 and last played together in 2007. But they say they won’t be reforming again. So these previously unreleased tracks are the only new material fans can hope for, meaning sales are bound to be brisk.

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