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Palo Alto - another Coppola movie hits the screen


Palo Alto - another Coppola movie hits the screen

Palo Alto is another film from the Coppola family, a coming-of-age yarn from Gia Coppola, granddaughter of Francis Ford and niece of Sofia.

Talking about her first time directing, she said: “I had just finished college so I was reflecting back on that time period of my life. High school and the sort of awkward years. And I had enough distance where I could be a little nostalgic for it. But when I met James and he gave me his book, it really resonated with me and I connected with it and felt like I hadn’t seen anything that depicted those years in a truthful way and I was excited by the chance to be able to collaborate with him and tell that story.”

Palo Alto follows the lives of four high school teenagers in California and was based very closely on the experiences of writer and actor, James Franco. He said: “I’d been writing a lot of different things and then, when I started writing about teenagers in this period of transition, it was just the material that was the most alive. So I just focused on that and just started writing exclusively about that.”

Having been screened at various festivals, including Venice and Tribeca, the film will be released in the US this May.

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