Killer tornadoes slice through Alabama, Arkansas and Mississippi

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Killer tornadoes slice through Alabama, Arkansas and Mississippi

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Powerful tornadoes have once again sliced through the southern United States.

Fatalities have been reported in Alabama, Mississippi and Arkansas.

Rescue teams, victims and volunteers are combing the rubble searching for survivors.

More than 20 people have been confirmed dead since Sunday.

One of those hit by the twisters says sifting through the remnants of her life is an emotional roller coaster: “Mixed feelings, joy because you find something that’s not broken and then you find something that’s shattered that meant a lot. Then again, you find something and you go “all right, cool! we found some clothing, we found some of the kids toys that meant a lot to them.”

The National Weather Service says Mississippi, Alabama and western Georgia remain at risk from the severe storms.

A state of emergency has been declared in four counties across North Carolina as more rough weather is on the way.

Meteorologists say the threat of further tornadoes will last for several days.