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Tracks stars a dog and a camel


Tracks stars a dog and a camel

John Curran’s latest feature is Tracks, about one woman’s journey across the Australian outback with four camels and a dog.

The star, Mia Wasikowska, said it was amazing to explore a new part of her home country: “ I guess just the vastness of it and how uninhabited the centre of it is. I’ve spent more time along the coast and in the bush than I have in the desert so it was nice to be in my own country but in a part that I haven’t spent much time in before,” she said.

The movie follows in the footsteps of Gravity and All is Lost, both of which were practically one-handers. The difference with this one, is that the co-stars are four-footers. But Mia Wasikowska didn’t fear working with them.

“The animals were great and it was really nice to have them as cast mates or co-stars and then it was fun when we had an actor. It was like, always made it a little more lively and freshened things up a little bit,” she stressed.

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