'Deep-rooted evil' to blame for ferry disaster, says outgoing South Korea PM

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'Deep-rooted evil' to blame for ferry disaster, says outgoing South Korea PM

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South Korea’s prime minister, who has resigned over the government’s handling of the ferry disaster, has blamed “deep-rooted evils” in society.

Chung Hong-won said there had been many examples of irregularities and malpractice – and grieving families and public anger had persuaded him to take responsibility.

On Sunday the number of bodies recovered stood at 188. But more than 100 people are still missing – and there is uncertainty over the precise number on board.

There is also a large discrepancy over the amount of cargo the ship was carrying.

Analysis of the crew’s communications messages have revealed confusion and indecision.

All 15 surviving crew members involved in navigating the ferry are in custody, accused of negligence and failing to help passengers.

The mourning goes on: many people queued on Sunday to pay their respects at Seoul city hall where an altar had been set up in front.

But many parents will not be able to grieve properly until their children’s bodies are found.

South Korea may have developed into a technological powerhouse – but the ongoing revelations from the ferry tragedy suggest that safety standards and regulatory controls have totally failed to keep pace.