Crimean authorities move against Tatars and their leader

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Crimean authorities move against Tatars and their leader

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Ukrainian citizen and leader of the Crimean Tatars, Mustafa Dzhemilev, has been handed a document on the Ukrainian border informing him he is banned by federal law from entering Russian territory for five years.

The typewritten document is unsigned, with no official heading, and was made public by the Crimean Tatar parliament, the Mejlis.

It follows an incident on Monday when uniformed men pulled down the Ukrainian flag from the Majlis and replaced it with a Crimean one.

Crimea’s deputy prime minister has also announced the government will ask Tatars to vacate illegally occupied land to make way for what were described as “social needs.”

This could target virtually all of Crimea’s Tatars, as they were denied land rights upon returning to the peninsula in 1991, and so built makeshift homes on unauthorised property.