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A-ha singer Morten Harket launches new album

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A-ha singer Morten Harket launches new album

A-ha lead singer Morten Harket is releasing his sixth solo album ‘Brother’. It comes four years after the famous Norwegian band split up.

The album’s eponymous lead single sees Harket move away from the dance sound of his previous work to a soft ballad, delivered in his inimitable voice. For the lyrics, he turned to Norwegian poet Ole Sverre Olsen, with whom he already worked on “Wild Seed”.

“This is a signature album, I would say, this is truly me as a solo artist, just like I believe the ‘Wild Seed’ album was. They are the two that have most in common for me,” says Harket.

The singer describes shooting the video for ‘Brother’ – in which he is seen immersed in a pond up to his head – as quite a challenging experience: “They got me out of the water in-between sometimes. But I was there for a good duration,” he says.

“And also to sing that song with water in your mouth and in your ears – I couldn’t hear the bloody track! It was like (covers his mouth and ears) and trying to lip sync to something like that, it was interesting.”

‘Brother’ is out now. Morten Harket launches his promo tour in Hamburg, Germany in early May.

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