Jason Derulo Talks Dirty in new album

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Jason Derulo Talks Dirty in new album

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‘Talk Dirty’ is Jason Derulo’s third album, named after the hit single of the same name.

Aimed at the US market, it is an updated version of the album ‘Tattoos’ released last September, and features four new tracks.

Despite ‘Talk Dirty’‘s success, some have slammed its explicit, sexual lyrics, with one critic dubbing it the "Worst Top 40 Song" of the month.

But the singer-songwriter dismisses the accusations:

“I try to be conscious of offending anybody, but not that much, you know. I really just try to do my thing and of course there is going to be backlash on every song that I do so I don’t worry myself too much on that. People saying things like ‘objectifying women’… I’m like, ‘What are you even talking about? Like, when I’m writing music, that’s not even in my head. I’m writing a fun song and you’re taking it far too seriously’,” says Derulo.

The album features collaborations with a number of high profile celebrities including hip hop artist 2 Chainz and rap legend Snoop Dogg.

“I invited some pretty awesome people to be on the album and thankfully I got amazing people like Snoop Dogg, who I grew up watching, you know. It’s a blessing to have somebody that you grew up listening to be a part of your album. I mean that’s crazy,” he says.

While some critics deplore Derulo’s sexualised lyrics and "cultural ignorance", others recognise his ability to assemble the right ingredients that will allow him to climb the singles charts, adding that ‘Talk Dirty’ is "about as controversial as a peck on the cheek".

Jason Derulo’s album ‘Talk Dirty’ is out now.

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