Christians and Muslims in Bangui working together for peace

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Christians and Muslims in Bangui working together for peace

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In Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic, and particularly in the neighbourhood known as PK5, the presence of French troops still rankles. They are blamed by many for not intervening to prevent revenge attacks between Christian and Muslim communities.

Amid the tension and violence a project organised by the International Organisation for Migration is underway aimed at creating reconciliation between the two groups. They are cleaning up for peace.

“The IOM launched this cleaning up project two months ago. It’s very intensive work and its first aim is to bring people together, because there are still both Christians and Muslims living in the third district, so we can achieve social cohesion,” explained IOM project manager Mecson Wadaye

The organisation has around 100 young people from the mixed religious groups formed into clean up crews in PK5. It has, says the IOM been so successful other areas want to follow suit.

But in many parts of the impoverished country killings between Christians and Muslims have continued.

Next month an 800-strong European Force will deploy while last week the UN Security Council voted to send 12,000 troops to the country.