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Slammed by the critics, but profitable, 'Haunted House' get a sequel


Slammed by the critics, but profitable, 'Haunted House' get a sequel

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Last year’s film ‘A Haunted House’ received truly damning reviews, and only achieved a measly eight percent approval rating on the Rotten Tomatoes film review site. So why did they make a sequel?

Marlon Wayans, the co-writer and star, joked: “It was the critics. They begged me, they cried. They wrote me letters, they wrote me apology letters. It was them. Because of that eight percent at Rotten Tomatoes, I said, ‘You know what? I’m going to do something special for you guys. I’m going to make a part two. I know what you want. You want a part two!’ So I’ve got to give it to them, because I’m just that kind of guy. So, critics, this one’s for you.”

‘A Haunted House’ might have been one of last year’s worst reviewed films, but it was one of the most profitable, reportedly making more than 40 million dollars at the box office for an outlay of just three million. But Marlon Wayans isn’t really prepared to talk money: “And that doll!” he goofed: “That doll? That’s a character!”

See ‘A Haunted House 2’ for yourself to decide if it’s brilliantly cheesy or truly rotten.

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