UN troops for CAR 'too late'

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UN troops for CAR 'too late'

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In Central African Republic (CAR), locals are welcoming a UN resolution to send 12,000 peacekeepers to the former French colony.

The United Nations says about 1.3 million people – a quarter of the population – are in need of aid.

But the UN operation will start in September. Many say that’s too late.

Moustapha Naiss, a Muslim resident living in the capital Bangui said, “If they had the power they should have done it before the massacre started. But they were not here. The people asked for help before, but they are always late. Now they’re talking about October.”

Christian local Fredithaya refered to the headgear of the UN troops, saying: “I need blue helmets here in Bangui because we’ve suffered a lot, there’s been a lot of deaths.

“Everywhere you look in this neighborhood there are dead bodies. So blue helmets need to come quickly,” she added.

Thousands have died in clashes in and around the capital Bangui between Christian and Muslim factions.

The fighting has triggered fears of genocide.

The conflict was sparked last March when Muslim Seleka rebels seized power.