Pro-Russian separatists seize Donetsk police HQ

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Pro-Russian separatists seize Donetsk police HQ

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In the Ukrainian city of Donetsk, pro-Russian separatists have seized control of the region’s police headquarters.

They have met with little or no resistance as the city’s police chief has resigned.

Kostyantyn Pozhydayev told the people gathered outside his office that he was stepping down, “in accordance with your demands.” Some of his officers left the building.

Some in the crowd took this as a significant step: “I think that this is one of the first steps on the way for the Donbass region to be liberated from fascism, which now blossoms in Kyiv. Soon big and small cities will rise up and the victory will be ours,” said one protester.

But many others in the city want to remain part of Ukraine and have taken to the streets too to make their voices heard and feelings felt.

“I support the unity of Ukraine. There is no division between the East, Kyiv, or the West. We are all united, because we are all Ukrainians,” said one Kyiv supporter.

Nonetheless, it does appear that demonstrations against Kyiv are growing in strength. Protesters are continuing their stand-off at the city’s local government headquarters after seizing control of the building a week ago.