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Ukraine PM Yatsenyuk offers fresh talks to end stand-off crisis


Ukraine PM Yatsenyuk offers fresh talks to end stand-off crisis

Pro-Russian separatists are continuing their stand-off at government buildings in eastern Ukraine.

In the cities of Luhansk and Donetsk, protesters have rejected an offer to lay down their weapons in exchange for an amnesty.

It has been a week since demonstrators began calling for a referendum on the future of the largely Russian-speaking federation.

Kyiv has so far refused to give in to their demands, but on a visit to the region today Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk renewed the government’s offer to hold talks to end the crisis.

“We’re not only ready for dialogue with the regions but we’re ready to fulfill the lawful requirements and wishes of all of the citizens of our country,” said Yatsenyuk.

For now it seems authorities have backed down from their threat of using force to end the occupation.

Meanwhile, clashes erupted on Thursday night between pro- and anti-Russian protesters in Odessa leaving several people injured.

The violence flared after pro-EU activists tried to prevent Party of Regions presidential candidate Oleg Tsarev from leaving his hotel.


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