Turkey's Constitutional Court overturns controversial judicial bill

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Turkey's Constitutional Court overturns controversial judicial bill

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Turkey’s Constitutional Court has partly overturned a controversial judicial bill demanding a redefinition of the justice ministers competences.

The court said in a statement it had cancelled articles granting the justice minister powers over the High Council of Judges and Prosecutors which makes judicial appointments.

Increasing the powers of the justice minister in law was seen as a response by the government to the alleged corruption scandal which had threatened to engulf Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The headlines in the country’s daily newspapers summed up the move saying it will, “shake Ankara”. Two referred to the decision as “a bomb”

President Abdullah Gul had approved the law in February but warned the government that some elements were incompatible with the Constitution.

The disputed bill was passed after a tense session in parliament and was marked by brawls and fistfights between law makers.

The Constitutional Court also ruled on the contentious issue of twitter saying it was illegal for it to be banned in the country.

The government’s first reactions to the courts decision came from the deputy prime minister who said “we will make an assessment after examining the detailed ruling.”