Titanic director James Cameron explores climate change in TV series

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Titanic director James Cameron explores climate change in TV series

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‘Years of Living Dangerously’ is Canadian director James Cameron’s latest endeavour, an ambitious nine-part TV documentary on climate change.

It brings together a cast of the world’s best-known climate scientists with famous politicians and actors to tell the stories of real people from across the planet.

Cameron enlisted the talents of Hollywood celebrities like climate change activist Matt Damon, Jessica Alba, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Harrison Ford.

Cameron says the aim is to focus on real people and how climate change is affecting their lives: “This isn’t a science show. It’s not meant to be a lot of charts and graphs, in fact I don’t think we use any charts and graphs, we’re telling the story in very human terms in a way that makes it real.”

From the disappearing forests of Indonesia to the increasing frequency of California’s wildfires and the crippling Texas drought, the documentary puts the focus back on an issue that has lost visibility since the success of Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ back in 2006.

“I think there are enormous money interests at work here and most of the sceptics are well-funded by a very conscious disinformation campaign to keep people kind of asleep and not paying attention to this problem. So I tend to be very sceptical, but I think it’s important to analyse each of the sceptics’ arguments very carefully and when you analyse them, they fall apart, they fall apart in the light of science,” said Cameron.

In the first episode, which is already available online, Hollywood actor Don Cheadle takes the lead, giving a voice to climate change sceptics in Texas who believe droughts are brought on by the hand of God.

‘Years of Living Dangerously’ premieres this month on US cable TV.

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