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Out of this world: Moscow State Circus puts on alien show

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Out of this world: Moscow State Circus puts on alien show

The Great Moscow State Circus is moving away from traditional animal-based performances with its latest show.

Although it is still run by famous animal trainers the Zapashny brothers, the only creatures in this show are aliens. Entitled ‘UFO: Circus from another Planet’, the show tells the story of a man who is captured by aliens.

Adam Talin, who has been with the circus for more 10 years and normally plays the clown, has the lead role. “You know, we have 20 laser machines, a lot of new lights, a lot of new things for the show. In this programme, there are no animals, and there is a lot of hard stuff to act with, I am not working as a clown here, I am working as an actor,” he explained.

It is Ukrainian sisters Ludmila and Tamara Titchenkova’s first performance with the Great Moscow State Circus. The siblings, who are both over two metres tall, were talent-spotted on a TV show.

“There are a lot of laser effects and many interesting details when it comes to special effects. And it’s also great to have so many acrobatics! It’s really hard work, all based on tricks and acrobatics,” said Tamara.

UFO: Circus from another Planet’ is currently on at the Great Moscow State Circus.

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