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Possible new "ping" from missing Malysian Airlines plane detected


Possible new "ping" from missing Malysian Airlines plane detected

For the fifth time a “ping” from what may be a black box flight recorder has been detected in the southern Indian ocean, possibly marking the wreck of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.

It raises hope search teams might be on the right track, and has allowed a further narrowing of the search area.

The fifth contact was picked up by an Australian aircraft from a listening buoy floating in the water near Australia’s Ocean Shield, a vessel that has been using an American Towed Pinger Detector, which captured the earlier four “pings”.

Four weeks of searching in the most expensive search and rescue operation in aviation history have so far produced nothing concrete, and the black box batteries have now theoretically been exhausted, although they have been known to transmit for longer than their 30-day lifespan.


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