Stabbing rampage at Pennsylvania high school claims 20 victims

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Stabbing rampage at Pennsylvania high school claims 20 victims

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A 16-year-old boy is suspected of going on a stabbing rampage at a high school in Pennsylvania.

Armed with two knives it appears he walked down Franklin Regional High’s main corridor slashing out as he went, injuring 19 students and one adult. He was apprehended by staff, but not before seriously wounding at least nine of the victims, three of whom are in a critical condition.

“The wounds were all knife wounds, most of them were to the lower abdomen, and they seemed to actually have a pattern, most of them to the right lower abdomen in the right flank and that created some of the criticality of their wounds and the nature of injures,” said Dr. Mark Rubino of Forbes hospital.

The school, in Murrysville near the city of Pittsburgh, was sealed off as police moved in to take charge of the assailant at around 7.15 in the morning, after someone had pulled the fire alarm and the building was evacuated.

The school had just taken part in emergency training. Murrysville is a low-crime area, and the community has been shocked by the attack.