Evacuation of Muslims or more French troops for the Central African Republic?

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Evacuation of Muslims or more French troops for the Central African Republic?

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An area known as PK5 in Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic is at the heart of recent violence in the country. With the area surrounded by anti-balaka Christian militia, the UN has said it is attempting to evacuate vulnerable Muslims in the region, while France has proposed sending more troops to ease the situation.

Muslim shops have been shut down, many have fled and the United Nations has said it wants to evacuate 19,000 from the country. On Tuesday France said it would support the move but only “as a last resort.”

Two traders in the area gave their views on what they wanted to happen.

“The solution is security measures, that is the most important thing. We need to have security whether Muslims or Christians, we are all together. We could continue trading if there is security,” said Johnny Mameneyaki.

Gustave Yaloba pointed out: “I am Christian but I live among Muslims now in PK5 which means that peace is starting to come back now.”

The United Nations will vote on Thursday morning on French proposals to send more troops to the country amid fears of revenge attacks by Christians on Muslims.

Paris says the priority is to save lives and added it would back measures to move Muslims within the country.

The UN and aid agencies have warned of ethnic cleansing with some suggesting relocating people could lead to splitting the state into a Muslim north and Christian south.