Iran: Hardline students accuse EU parliament of interfering

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Iran: Hardline students accuse EU parliament of interfering

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Hardline student protesters struggled with riot police in front of the Greek embassy in Tehran. Greece holds the EU’s rotating presidency.

They were demonstrating against a human rights resolution passed last week by the European Parliament.

It expressed grave concern over the human rights situation in Iran and called on the EU to discuss the issue in all interactions with the Islamic Republic.

One of the protesters, Fatemeh Nazari, said:

“The European Union should know that what they have done and passed as resolution. We don’t believe in them, there is a huge difference between our understanding of human rights and theirs.”

Many protesters chanted anti-EU and anti-American slogans.

EU officials have said that the resolution will not affect ongoing nuclear talks between the P5+1 countries and Iran.

A first-step deal has been in effect since January as the two sides work towards a final comprehensive nuclear agreement.

Meanwhile, a senior Iranian official has arrived in Vienna to discuss lifting sanctions on the country’s aviation sector as part of the talks.