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Russia arrests 25 Ukrainians suspected of terrorist activity


Russia arrests 25 Ukrainians suspected of terrorist activity

The Russian Federal Security Service, the FSB, has announced that it has detained 25 Ukrainians for the suspected planning of terrorist attacks around the time of last month’s Crimean referendum inside Russia.

Two of those arrested have reportedly been expelled from the country.

Speaking following his detainment, Vitaliy Krivesheev said he had “been politically active since 2006” and had been a “member of a number of nationalist organisations including the ‘Patriots of Ukraine’ that are now part of the ‘Right Sector’.

Russian media have been reporting that the mission of the detainees was to take photographs of the deployment sites of the Russian military in the regions bordering Ukraine, arrange contacts with radical Russian organisations and to study the situation in the country.

The Ukrainian Security Service, the SBU, has said the claims are “nonsense”.


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