Kabul locals hoping new president will make life better

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Kabul locals hoping new president will make life better

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In Afghanistan, presidential elections take place tomorrow. Daily life can be tough because of militant attacks, instability and the lack of infrastructure.

Many people want their new leader to improve their situation.

One local man in Kabul told euronews, “As people who are suffering, we should elect a wise president with good character, somebody who hasn’t been involved in corruption,somebody who serves the country.”

People from the south of Afghanistan, fleeing their homeland, move to the capital and north of the country because of the instable security situation.

Despite decades of conflict, shopping malls and luxury restaurants cater for ex-pats and wealthy locals in Kabul.

There’s a vibrant youth scene with musicians and artists.

Another local Kabul resident man told euronews about how tough life in his neighbourhood can be:

“This area’s main problem is its lack of water. There’s not enough,” he said. “Sometimes we have water for one day, then nothing for a month.”

Collecting water takes time and carrying heavy buckets home isn’t always easy.

Euronews correspondent Mustapha Bag reported:

“Tens of thousands of people live in this Kabul neighbourhood with no water or reliable electricity supply. People collect containers of water here and take them home. There’s only water here for a few hours every day. These people want the new president to look after them and provide an adequate infrastructure.”