Turkey Twitter ban lifted

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Turkey Twitter ban lifted

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In Turkey, authorities have lifted a ban on Twitter a day after the country’s constitutional court ruled it breached freedom of expression.

Turkey’s telecoms authority blocked access to the social media site in March when users spread allegations of government corruption on the network.

In Ankara, many welcomed the ruling.

‘‘This is great news. The Twitter ban was a breach of freedom. People were prevented from connecting with the world. I am very happy that Twitter is back.’‘ one man said.

Another Ankara resident echoed those sentiments.

‘‘The ban was a disgrace for the country and thankfully it is lifted. This is a positive step in terms of individual freedoms, social freedoms and people’s right to information,’‘ he said.

The government ban sparked large-scale protests across Turkey after it was imposed in the run up to local elections. But many Turks found ways of circumventing the block, despite Prime Minister’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s pledge to ‘Wipe Out Twitter’.

Google’s video sharing website YouTube, which was also banned alongside Twitter, remains offline in the country..