Policemen killed in Ukraine protests remembered

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Policemen killed in Ukraine protests remembered

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A special memorial service has been held at Kyiv’s St.Michael’s Monastery for the law enforcement officers killed during the violent protests that took place in Ukraine in February. It had also served as a hospital and refuge for protesters during the clashes. No relatives of any of the victims took part in the ceremony.

Alina Sokor explained that 20 students from the police academy high school that she attends were there “to honour and commemorate the 20 officers who died”.

During the service former military officer and now archpriest Dmytro Sadoviak asked for both sides in Ukraine to forgive each other.

He said that “the policemen didn’t take part in the clashes because they wanted to, they were simply abiding by Ukrainian law and had to follow the orders given to them”.

Dozens of police officers remain in hospital, however they will be compensated financially by the state.

Anatoliy Onishuk, the head of the police trade union, explained that “the families of both the policemen and protesters killed will be allocated the same sum of money, around 6,7000 euros each. The amount for the injured will be different”.

More than 100 protesters were killed and over 150 remain missing since protests began in November.