Egypt: Police chief killed in Cairo blasts

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Egypt: Police chief killed in Cairo blasts

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Egypt’s capital Cairo has been rocked by a series of blasts killing at least two people, including a senior military police officer.

Exclusive euronews footage showed the immediate aftermath of one of three explosions across the city on Wednesday.

No group has yet claimed responsibility for the attacks, but they bore the hallmarks of Islamist militants.

A video, posted on an Egyptian newspaper’s website, also showed the moment just after a second explosion hit Cairo University. A brigadier general was killed in the blast which also injured several officers.

Bombings and shootings targeting the security forces have become commonplace in Egypt since the army deposed President Mohammed Morsi.

Euronews’ correspondent in Cairo, Sheikhibrahim Mohammed, said: ‘‘It is evident security in the heart of Cairo has deteriorated hugely. The big challenge facing Egypt’s incoming president is to restore calm, which is so desperately desired by the people here.’‘