London's cat cafe serves up purr...fect cup of coffee

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London's cat cafe serves up purr...fect cup of coffee

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It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but for cat lovers it doesn’t get much better than this.

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium is London’s first feline cafe.

A chance to cuddle a kitty over a cappuccino and cake or simply have a cat nap.

‘‘The idea is that you can come, have a peaceful lunch, have tea and be surround by cats. Occasionally you’ll catch them in a very wild mood and if you’re lucky one of them will fall asleep on your lap,’‘ said the cafe’s co-owner Anne Kogan.

Based on the fringes of London’s financial district, the cafe is now home to 11 rescued cats. Certainly no dog-eat-dog attitude here.

It is a dream come true for officer workers trying to unwind and escape the rat race. One customer explained why she visited the cafe: ‘‘I absolutely adore cats. So when I came to London – because I’m from Chester originally – I missed my cat so much and I can’t have a cat because I rent, so when I heard that this cat cafe was happening I was so excited.’‘

In fact, Lady Dinah’s is so popular people have pounced on the chance to kick back with the cats.

The cafe’s online booking system crashed within hours of its launch after thousands of hits. The emporium is fully booked until the end of June.

If cats aren’t your thing, then maybe toilets are.

After 40 years on the job this restaurant in Berlin is still flushed with success.

At ‘Das Klo’ – that’s ‘The Toilet’ in English – patrons sit on loos, drink beer out of urine collection bottles, eat sausages out of potties.

Oh, and no points for guessing what guests use for napkins – toilet paper, of course.

“I’ve never been to a toilet themed restaurant before. I’ve never heard of one and this is the first one I’ve been to. It is quite interesting so far. Everyone seems to be eating and drinking out of toilet things, like toilet bowls and getting drinks in interesting ways. Things are jumping out on us and squirting at us. It is certainly an interesting place to be,” said a customer.

Fine dining it is not. Meat stew and sausages top the menu of specials. But one thing is guaranteed, there certainly shouldn’t be a long queue if you’re bursting to go.

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