Egypt: Clashes between Islamist students and police in four cities

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Egypt: Clashes between Islamist students and police in four cities

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There have been violent clashes in Cairo and three other Egyptian cities between police and university students loyal to the ousted Islamist president.

In the capital pitched battles went on for hours as the students from Ein Shams university pelted police with rocks. The security forces used tear gas to try to disperse the protesters.

Elsewhere, 200 kilometres south of Cairo at Assiut, some 45 people including 15 schoolgirls were injured in the violence.

Clashes also broke out in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria and in Mansoura, north of Cairo.

Trouble has erupted on a near daily basis between Islamist students and police ever since Mohamed Mursi was ousted by the military last July.

On Sunday a student was killed in clashes in Cairo.

The jailed leader of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, appearing in court at the start of a new mass trial, has called on judges not to let the courts be politicised.

Mohammed Badie and 50 Brotherhood members face charges ranging from threatening to destabilise the country to plotting to kidnap the country’s former military chief.

Badie faces several trials in the crackdown on the Brotherhood, declared a terrorist organisation by the government.