Chinese fleet arrives in missing MH370 search zone

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Chinese fleet arrives in missing MH370 search zone

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Could China make a difference?

Its 17th naval escort fleet has reached waters south of Australia’s Christmas Island, to join the as-yet fruitless
search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

The fleet is made up of a missile destroyer, a frigate, a supply ship and two shipboard helicopters.

Over 150 of the 239 people on the Beijing-bound Boeing 777 were from China where relatives want answers, more than three weeks into this mystery.

Malaysian Civil Aviation Chief Datuk Azharuddin Abdul Rahman has reiterated that pioneering work is being carried out in a bid to find the plane which left Kuala Lumpur on March 8.

“The methodology used to analyse the Inmarsat satellite data, for example, has never been used before,” he said.

But as searching continues in the southern Indian Ocean, many Chinese relatives don’t trust Malaysian authorities who have now given a new account of the final words from the cockpit.

The words are now said to have been a standard “Good night Malaysian three seven zero”, rather than the more casual “All right, good night.”

The correction is only likely to further feed the doubts of Chinese families, many of whom accuse Malaysia of hiding the truth.