Hungary's Opposition struggle to boost their election campaign ahead of next Sunday's poll

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Hungary's Opposition struggle to boost their election campaign ahead of next Sunday's poll

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It was the turn of Hungary’s opposition parties to rally support in Budapest on Sunday ahead of next weekend’s general election.

The left-leaning alliance which unites the Socialist Party, liberals and greens against the government, are currently polling only 20 percent support.

Trying to boost their campaign Attila Mesterházy who is President of the Hungarian Socialist Party and the main leftist challenger of Prime Minister Viktor Orban, spearheaded an attack accusing him of undermining the rule of law.

“This government, Viktor Orbán wants a new one-party system, a new one-party state, and we will not let him do it, because we believe in the Hungarian Republic, democracy, the constitutional state, a modern European Hungary,“he said.

Although substantially behind in the polls, the opposition are critical of the government’s tough anti-debt measures, and vow to create jobs and help the poor.

“More and more statistics show that millions more people live below the poverty line and I think we have to change this,” said one young woman at the rally,

“The last four years have ruined my whole family’s lives. They have liquidated democracy, and with their tuition fees they’ve taken away the chance of learning from my grandchild,” said another opposition supporter.

Reporting for euronews, Andrea Hajagos was also at the rally:

“Tens of thousands of people came to the left-wing rally but there were still a lot fewer than attended Saturday’s pro-government election event. In Hungary traditionally the right-wing is better at mobilizing the people, so perhaps the vote on April 6 will show an even bigger gap between the government and opposition.”