The price of a Cold War-style stand off

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The price of a Cold War-style stand off

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Ukraine’s in the spotlight once again. The country’s authorities have been trying to secure funds to save the economy after months of political turmoil. A helping hand will come from the IMF, which promised billions of dollars in exchange for deep structural reforms.

In the meantime, Kyiv announced the withdrawal of its troops from Crimea. Strangely enough, the last bastion in the region is represented by its currency: Crimean authorities officially introduced the rouble, but this transition will take some time to complete.

On the other side of the fence, Russia has been suspended from the G8. Western powers threaten more economic sanctions, while plotting to reduce Europe’s dependency on Russian gas. Vladimir Putin has ignored them so far, but Moscow’s economy has already started to feel the heat.

On the corporate side: according to Google and Facebook the next big platform shift is coming directly to our glasses. Both companies announced alliances that will help shape the future of wearable tech.

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