Westlife's Kian Egan goes solo

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Westlife's Kian Egan goes solo

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He was one of the less well known faces of Irish boy band Westlife.

Now Kian Egan is going it alone with his debut album ‘Home’. Turning solo wasn’t an obvious choice for the 33-year-old crooner after the band split up in 2012.

But when he was approached by a record company after winning a reality TV show last year, he had to make up his mind.

“It took me quite a while to get my head around it. Number one, because I think, you know, like everybody knows I wasn’t one of the lead singers in Westlife. So I think I had quite a lot of, shall we say, demons in my mind about that, and kind of going ‘Am I good enough to make a solo album? Is this the right thing to do?’,” says Egan.

Westlife sold over 45 million records worldwide during its 12-year career, and accumulated 14 number-one singles in the UK.

Looking back on that time, Egan says he feels very lucky:

“Over the years, it was like this bubble just floating in time that nobody could get at. No matter what we did, it was kind of working and it was successful. We had this amazing fan base behind us that every year, would come and see us on tour, you know, arena sell-out tours every year. It was incredible. I don’t even know if we understood what we were doing when we were doing it. I think it’s more now, when you kind of sit back and see other people and other bands and other acts trying to break through and you kind of go ‘Wow!’ We had it really easy in one sense, things just happened for us. It was incredible.”

Within a week of its release, ‘Home’ had already secured a UK top 10 spot.

Made up of 10 cover tracks – including Bryan Adams’ ‘I’m Ready’ and ‘Waiting For Superman’ by US band Daughtry – ‘Home’ is out now.

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