Egyptians welcome Sisi as presidential candidate

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Egyptians welcome Sisi as presidential candidate

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The highly anticipated decision by Egypt’s military ruler to run as president appears to be widely welcomed.

In a televised address on Wednesday night Field Marshall Abdel Fattah al-Sisi declared his candidacy for an election he is expected to easily win.

A Sisi presidency would mark a return to the not so distant days when Egypt was led by a man from the military, however many on the streets of Cairo are not too concerned.

“Honestly speaking, Field Marshal Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi is an honourable man, and most Egyptians love him. He also rescued the Egyptian people from the Brotherhood, who were taking the  Egyptian people down the road to hell,” said one man.

Sentiments shared by on woman who said: “We really wanted Field Marshal al-Sisi to run as a candidate. But, at the same time we didn’t want him to, because people will have no mercy on whoever the candidate is.”

Since last year when the army toppled Mursi, its first democratically elected president, Egypt has suffered the worst internal strife in its modern history.

The security forces have killed hundreds of his supporters after his removal from power, and police and soldiers have become the main targets in a campaign of bombings and shootings.